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Interview with Thiago de Mello by Virginia Aguiar.


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You are listening to Thiago's "Bem Brasileiro", title song of his album on the Ethos Brasil label.

About Thiago...

"A composer's composer, a musician's musician, Gaudencio Thiago de Mello remains one of the best kept secrets in both the Jazz and Brazilian contemporary scenes. I cherish his first album, The Music of Thiago, recorded in 1973... at the famous Sound Ideas Studio in New York City. It's... a very special jewel."

Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Tribuna da Imprensa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



"I have known Thiago de Mello for a couple of years, and have just heard three entire sets of Thiago's music at the annual Brazilian Jazz Festival presented by the Jazzmania Society, June 14th, 1980. I was very impressed by his writing - a unique and genuine style which encompasses a variety of moods and rhythm patterns paralleled by rich melodic and harmonic phrases. This is Thiago's strength, and from it, he has created a style of his own. Thiago de Mello is a very talented and unique professional composer who definitely deserves to be heard."

Gil Evans
Jazz pianist, arranger, composer and bandleader.

"Your brother sent me an album which was recorded in the United States with his compositions. This album has really good songs. I will soon write him a letter thanking him for it".

Claudio Santoro (1919-1989).
Brazilian composer and conductor.
Letter sent from Germany by the Brazilian composer to Thiago's brother, the well known poet Amadeu Thiago de Mello. The album mentioned is The Music of Thiago (Blue Moon Label, Spain, 1973).

"I have been a performing musician for a quarter of a century and have had the privilege to tour the world wearing different musical 'hats'. Hundreds of concerts and few that are spiritually memorable. I can count on one hand the musical collaborations that have the spiritual effect on me that Thiago's artistry has had. Thiago's art is sincere and pure; his gifts speak from the heart of goodness. The world would be a more peaceful place if the folks that live on it were exposed to what Thiago is trying to communicate. And, I have no plans to buy any armor in the near future! Thank you, Thiago and God Bless."

Bil Jackson
Principal Clarinet, Colorado Symphony
Artist-Faculty, Aspen Music Festival
Artist-Faculty, University of Northern Colorado


"...His compositions...are beautiful. But they are also gentle, hypnotic, bewitching and beguiling."

The Boston Globe

"The Music of Thiago". A unique blend of simple melodic material combined with a richness of harmonic textures whose bass lines parallel the chromatic sophistication of the late romantic composers! All this, and the varied and subtle syncopation which commands its structure, has its roots in the simple chants of the Indians of his native Amazon, in the intricate percussive texture of the Afro-Brazilian songs of the Brazilian Northeast, and in the sophisticated rhythms of contemporary musical idioms".

Richard Kimball
Pianist & Composer

The Brazilian composer, arranger and performer GAUDENCIO THIAGO DE MELLO is a very creative musician. His cultural background enables him to cross musical boundaries, integrating the Classical and Jazz influences into his music of solid and diversified Brazilian routes. As a performer he communicates powerfully with his audiences through the unique sound of his band AMAZON, or when collaborating with me by using tastefully native Instruments of Brazil. He is a major figure of our day’s Brazilian Jazz and I wish him all the recognition much deserved.

Carlos Barbosa-Lima



"[workinkg with Thiago] created new dimensions of rhythm, color and nuance. His wizardry at the helm of such exotic instruments as the rain stick, berimbau, jungle's mouth and tortoise shell evoked the spirit and image of the rain forest itself."

Sharon Isbin
Classical Guitarist

"Gaudencio é daqueles artistas nacionais considerados estrelas do primeiro time de instrumentistas internacionais mas que são praticamente desconhecidos em seu próprio país.... A música de Gaudencio não se resume... em esquisitices de percussão... é o que o aluno de bateria da escola de música, Nélson Júnior, 18 anos, gosta de chamar de fusion. "Ele é moderno, mas ao mesmo tempo mistura elementos eruditos", descreveu ao final do show. Análises à parte, Júnior mandou seu recado: os brasileiros precisam conhecer Gaudencio'."

André Garcia
Correio Braziliense
Brasília, Brazil

"... Thiago de Mello is a genius of percussion."

Jay Hoffman,
WCBS News Radio
New York City, USA

"When I heard Mr. Thiago de Mello play his works on the guitar, I was truly amazed! His perfect conception of harmony in coordination with the proper bass is simple remarkable! This precious gift, this rare ability to sense and to feel every minute harmonic changes in supporting the melody was so expertly executed, that I received the utmost pleasure when listening to Mr. Thiago de Mello's playing. A truly unique talent!!!"

Jacques Press
Conductor & composer

"On a range of instruments, Thiago de Mello produced extraordinary sounds. He's one of those percussionists who constantly plays melody; he shapes rhythms with the sensibility of a poet, coloring like an instrumentalist, phrasing like a singer."

The Boston Globe
Boston, USA

"Bravo! Recently I heard the guitar playing of the musician-composer Thiago de Mello and was struck by the incredible purity of sound emanating from his instrument. It sounded, in softer sections, like the gentle strummings of a lute. In the more bravura parts, it had a strong, rich guitar quality.... Again, 'bravo'."

George Kleinsinger
(Deciphered Leonardo da Vinci's music)



"Listening to Thiago de Mello and his band Amazon is an extraordinary experience, with its blend of jazz and music that sounds as if it came from the Garden of Eden!"

The Times Herald
New York City, USA

"At a time of renewed interest in big bands, Thiago de Mello & Amazon is bringing a fresh sound to the style, carving out a distinctive niche for itself between the traditional American big bands and the usual Latin bands."

John Wilson, New York Times
New York City, USA

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