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albums recorded by Thiago 


Gaudencio Thiago de Mello
Sharp Edges
Audio CD © 2008 Gau Records
Samba da Isabella
Farwell to a Friend
Manhattan Samba

Cliff Korman, Haroldo Mauro Jr., Richard Kimball, Marcus Silva, Nilson Matta, Sergio Brandčo, David Finck, Benjamin Bentes, Rick Sebastian, Helio Schiavo, Cesar Machado, Duduka da Fonseca, Paulo Braga, Valtinho, Claudio Roditi, Robert Auld, Diego Urcolla, Jay Ashby, Mark Kirk, Richard Lesnik, Paul Lieberman, Steve Sacks, William Gallison, Pery Ribeiro, Romero Lubambo, Antonio Mello, Carlos Vitorino, Flavio Goulart, Paul Meyers, Celso Mendes

Gaudencio Thiago de Mello
A Flame in the Dark
Audio CD © 2008 Gau Records
Richard Kimball, Helio Alves, Maria Teresa Madeira and Thiago de Mello (piano); David Finck, Paulo Russo (bass); Lou Grassi, Cesar Machado (drums); Gustavo Tavares (cello); Thiago de Mello (acoustic guitar); Flavio Goulart (electric guitar); Dexter Payne (clarinet); Thiago de Mello (organic percussion); Maíra Mauro, Júlia Mauro, Thiago de Mello (vocals)

Gaudencio Thiago de Mello
Our Time To Remember
Audio CD © 2008 Gau Records
Chega Pra Lá
Samba da Meia-Noite
Alone In Rio
Haroldo Mauro Jr., Cliff Korman (piano); Sergio Barrozo, Leonardo Cioglia (bass); Cesar Machado, Helio Schiavo (drums); Lula Galvão, Romero Lubambo (guitar); Idriss Boudrioua, Dexter Payne (alto sax); Gabriel Grossi, Dexter Payne (harmonica); Thiago de Mello (percussion & vocals).

Gaudencio Thiago de Mello & Dexter Payne
Disk-Tum-Derrei - Chorando e Sambando
Audio CD © 2007 JSR Records
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DiskTumDerrei is an imitation Thiago performs, vocally, of the Brazilian surdo sound, as played by Escolas de Samba in Brazil. chorando & sambando are terms related to two of the main genres of Brazilian music: choro and samba.
This CD is the natural consequence of Another Feeling, a refreshing "trio" recording of clarinet, piano and percussion, well received everywhere and aclaimed by many. (Check the "Reviews" link.)
Haroldo Mauro, Helio Alves and Cliff Korman - piano
Dexter Payne - clarinet
Thiago de Mello - percussion

Brazilian female singers Andrea Dutra, Cris Delano, Fátima Guedes and Ithamara Koorax join Thiago de Mello on percussion to perform his music.
Paulo Sergio Santos - clarinet
Zé Bigorna - alto sax
Nilton Rodrigues - trumpet
Roberto Marques - trombone
Gabriel Grossi - harmonica
Délia Fischer, Cliff Korman, Haroldo Mauro Jr., Hamleto Stamato - piano
Flavio Goulart - guitar
Adriano Giffoni, Luca Maciel, Paulo Russo - bass
Marcio Bahia, Cesar Machado - drums

Gaudencio Thiago de Mello
Amor mais-que-perfeito
Audio CD © 2006 Etos Brasil
Quem cozinha não lava
Don't Turn Away
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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello &
Dexter Payne

Another Feeling
Audio CD © 2006 JSR
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Another Feeling
Dexter Payne - clarinet
Thiago de Mello - percussion
Haroldo Mauro Jr - piano
Cliff Korman - piano
Helio Alves - piano
Richard Kimball - piano
Ithamara Koorax - vocals
Rede de caboclo
Another Feeling
"The union of Brazilian and American musicians has yielded excellent results in the past, ....and Another Feeling demonstrates that positive things can continue to happen when Brazilian and American players join forces."
(from liner notes by Alex Henderson).

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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello &
Daniel Wolf

The Right Seasons - Heart to Heart
Audio CD
© 2005 Ethos Brasil
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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello
Bem brasileiro - com alguns sotaques
Audio CD
© 2005 Ethos Brasil
O Presidente
Um abraço no Randall
"Com músicos e solistas experientes, o resultado final é uma amálgama que preserva a vitalidade da arte de Gaudencio."
José Domingos Raffaelli,

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(read the review published on on Jazz + Magazine, in Portuguese...)

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Thiago de Mello:
Jazz Station Records
Audio CD (January 1999)
Original Recording: January 1973
Andei só por andar
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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello:
Amor Sem Fim
Gau Records
Audio CD (August 1999)
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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello:
The Night the Moon Cried
Gau Records
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Gaudencio Thiago de Mello:
The Right Move
Gau Records
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Thiago de Mello and Amazon:
Sweet Brasil
Gau Records
Audio CD (August 1999)
Original Recording: 1981
Sweet Brasil
Você foi embora
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Thiago de Mello:
The Essential Thiago de Mello
Bomba Records
cat. #: BOM22124

albums featuring the work of Thiago

Quintet of the Americas
Sounds of Brazil
Audio CD, MSR Classics, 2008
This release of the Quintet of Americas features music of Brazilian origin, seven of which pieces are compositions by Thiago de Mello, arranged by Daniel Wolff.
Review by James Leonard
Sounds of Brazil features the wind ensemble, Quintet of the Americas, performing sixteen works by five composers. Most generously represented is Gaudźncio Thiago de Mello, with seven pieces. The composer himself performs on what are billed as organic percussion instruments, instruments that sound uncannily like the wind, the rain, the surf, or the Amazon. Coupled with the woodwind quintet's highly lyrical playing of de Mello's warm-hearted melodies, the effect is charming. No new emotional or spiritual depths are explored here, only new styles, new sounds and new combinations of instruments. Some of the music is popular in tone, with catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, and it should appeal to listeners beguiled by that type of Latinate sound. The performances are uniformly excellent; each member of the Quintet is a characterful soloist, but their blend and balance as an ensemble is exemplary, and their ability to integrate their playing with de Mello's organic percussion is admirable. MSR Classics' digital sound is evocative, but nowhere near clear enough.


Sato Moughalian - flute
Matt Sullivan - oboe
Edward R. Gilmore - clarinet
Laura Koepke - bassoon
Barbara Oldham - horn
Also featuring:
Gaudencio Thiago de Mello - organic percussion
Blair McMillen - piano
Scott Kuney - guitar
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Amadeu Thiago de Mello
A Criação do Mundo
Audio CD, 2006
Works by Brazilian poet Amadeu Thiago de Mello, recited by the writer, with music composed by his brother Gaudencio Thiago de Mello.
(read the review by Valnei Andrade...)
(read the review by Júlio Assis...)

Wilfried Berk, Daniel Wolff and Thiago de Mello: Coisas da Vida
Audio CD, 2006
Two of Thiago's works, Samba Chorado and Cavaleiro Sem Armadura, are featured in this album. Thiago also plays his Organic Percussion on several tracks. Cavaleiro Sem Armadura also appears on CD Journey to the Amazon, nominated for the 2000 Grammy Awards.
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Sharon Isbin: Artist Portrait
Warner Classics
Audio CD, 2004
Thiago de Mello is one of the featured composers on Warner Classics' release Artist Portrait: Sharon Isbin. In this compilation CD Ms. Isbin also performs pieces by great masters such as J.S. Bach, Schubert and Vivaldi. The title of Thiago's piece is Choro Alegre.
Thiago is also featured on organic percussion on Waltz no. 3 (Antonio Lauro); História do Luar (Laurindo Almeida) and his own Choro Alegre.
CLick to listen:
Waltz no. 3
Historia do Luar
Choro Alegre
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Sharon Isbin:
Journey to the Amazon
(2000 Grammy nominated)
Elektra/Asylum - #19899
Audio CD (October 14, 1997)
O Uirapurú do Amazonas
Cavaleiro sem armadura
"Though the liner notes may give one the impression that Thiago de Mello's melodies are straight out of the rain forest whence he hails, I sense a wordiness in them that could just as easily ..."
Joe Public, Guitar Blogging

(read the full review...)
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Sharon Isbin:
Dreams of a World
(2001 Grammy winner)
Elektra/Asylum - #25736
Audio CD (November 2, 1999)
Thiago de Mello is again among the several well-known composers in Sharon Isbin's Grammy Winner CD Dreams of a World. It's title is Varre-Vento, a sweet look back to his Amazon heritage.
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Paul Winter:
Earth-Voices of a Planet
(1991 Grammy nominated)
BMG/Living Music
Audio CD (August 25, 1998)
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Various Artists:
A Trip To Brazil
Vol. 2: Bossa & Beyond

ASIN: B000031W85
Audio CD (November 26, 1999)
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Carlos Barbosa-Lima:
Chants for the Chief
Concord Jazz
ASIN: B000003OYI
Audio CD (January 20, 1992)
Original Release: Dec. 17, 1991
buy it on [brasil]
Carlos Barbosa-Lima:
Ginastera's Sonata
Concord Jazz
ASIN: B0000006ST
Audio CD (March 12, 1993)
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Claudio Roditi:
Day Waves
Terra Musica - #50 001-2
Audio CD (Released: 1993)
purchasing information: [brasil]
Daniel Wolff:
Concerto à Brasileira
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Brazil All-Stars:
Rio Strut
Audio CD (July 30, 2002)
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Various Artists:
Friends from Brazil 2001
Irma Group
ASIN: B00005V91U
Audio CD (February 12, 2002)
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Benita Valente, Thomas Allen, Sharon Isbin:
Love Songs & Lullabies
Virgin Classics Limited
ASIN: B000002SSW
Audio CD (October 21, 1997)
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The Hendrik Meurkens Sambajazz Quartet:
October Colors
Concord Records
cat. #: CCD-4670-2
Audio CD (1995)
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albuns featuring Thiago as percussionist

Antônio Mello
Ethos Brasil
Audio CD (2006)
Ithamara Koorax
Brazilian Butterfly
Jazz Station Records (JSR)
Irma (Italy)
Audio CD (2006)

Antônio Melo
Dexofon Records
Audio CD (2004)
Thiago de Mello, voted third best percussionist of the year in the USA by Down Beat Magazine Reader's Poll is featured on organic percussion on this CD, along with clarinetist Dexter Payne, himself among the top ten clarinetisis in the same pool.
Inspiration was in the Recording Academy (NARAS) entry list to be considered for a Grammy nomination under the Contemporary World Music Albun category (72).
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Susannah McCorkle
Hearts and Minds
Concord Records
Audio CD (2000)

Luiz Bonfá
The Bonfá Magic
Caju Music
Audio CD (1991)