Thiago de Mello and Amazon  
Thiago de Mello with Sharon Isbin and Paul Winter. The trio was nominated for a Grammy with their CD "Journey to the Amazon" in the Classical Crossover category . Paul Winter has won several Grammy awards and has been nominated on several other occasions, including with the CD "Earth-Voice of a Planet" in which Thiago performs two of his own compositions. Sharon won a Grammy last year with her solo CD "Dreams of a World". In it, she recorded one of Thiago's composition, Varre-Vento.
Thiago de Mello com Sharon Isbin e Paul Winter. O trio foi indicado para um Grammy com seu CD "Journey to the Amazon" na categoria Classical Crossover. Paul Winter ganhou vários premios Grammy e foi indicado em várias outras ocasiões, inclusive com o CD "Earth-Voice of a Planet" no qual Thiago executa duas de suas próprias composições. Sharon gamhou um Grammy no ano passado com o CD solo "Dreams of a World". Nele, ela gravou uma das composições de Thiago, Varre-Vento.
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